Posted on 21.01.2021

Mevas Heavy Equipment Inspectors

Used Reach Stackers for sale
If you are looking for used reach stackers we recommend to have a look to the common platforms for used equipment. or are good places to search. In Germany the company Hinrichs is a reliable supplier.
Heavy Lifting Equipment Inspections
If you know the supplier and you made a good experience with him in the past maybe you can buy from him without an inspection prior delivery. But in most cases it is recommended to send an experienced engineer to check the machine. We at Mevas know what is required since we have inspected within the last couple of years more than 40 Reach Stackers and big forklifts.
Proof of inspection for bank and finance
A Mevas inspection report can proof a machine exists, it is in working condition and it is worth the money the buyer needs to pay. We can on one hand manifest the current condition and on the other hand we can evaluate if the asked price is adequate for this sort of machine.
Repair Cost Estimation
On request we can estimate the cost for required or necessary repairs. Our experience includes reach stackers, container handlers, large forklift trucks and other heavy lifting equipment.
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